I think we have done a great disservice to young people over the last two generations by not directing them how to find the answers to their BIG questions. Education has offered little truth from pre-school through post graduation.  Many of our churches have failed to teach what the Bible says, even so far as to consider the Bible irrelevant, offering instead only speculations and even error. The God of the Bible Promises not only relationship with Him but Interaction with Him.  Our Interacting with God’s plan is called His Will for us.  He is willing to be near to each of us and to facilitate His plan moment by moment to make sure we get the most out of it.  God’s works intimately with the personality He gave each of us.

The God of the Bible is greater than any conception of the imagination.  Who else could love us so much as to die on a cross for us? He inspired the Bible to convince us that it is in our best interest to take up our own cross daily with Him.  It appears to me that we have, as a nation and  as a society, given less and less heed to the Bible over my lifetime, and have given up more than we bargained for in the process.  I believe it is time for another revival of faith in His Word and His Work.

Please keep your eyes open for “The Politicized Church”, which provides reason and hope for all the good God will still provide if sought wholeheartedly.